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Learn French with LuvLingua
🌅 Begin the learning experience already enjoyed by over 2 million language learners.

LuvLingua education apps teach you to speak and read through fun games, and a beginner & intermediate level course.
This French learning app is fun for ALL ages.
🌎 Understand and speak French to communicate more effectively!

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Study essential words and phrases to build a strong foundation of French.
Gain confidence and level up your language ability with the beginner course.
200+ lessons that systematically teach and review new vocabulary, as well as help you build sentences and questions.
Designed for students to train and improve fundamental language skills & knowledge.
Recommended for anyone who wants to learn French, including kids, students, travellers, and business people.

Games and quizzes that support you to learn French by catering to different learning styles.
✅ Visual (Picture Quiz, Memory Game)
✅ Auditory (Listening Quiz)
✅ Read-Write (Writing /Multichoice Quiz, Word Guess)
✅ Kinesthetic (Animation Game)
🐇 LuvLingua promotes learning through games to remember new words in a FAST & FUN way.

Everyday conversation along with many core words and phrases sorted into helpful categories.
Phrasebook sets include: greetings, numbers, hobbies, accommodation, adjectives, animals, body, colors, clothing, countries, dates, days, directions, emergencies, food, religion, school, shopping, transportation, travel, verbs, weather and work.
Study a new set every day and practice it in the Games Section.
This phrasebook is convenient for travel.

Listen to high quality authentic audio of native speakers with clear pronunciation.
Test your listening and speaking ability.

All language is carefully translated by bilingual native speakers and NOT by computers/online translators.
Translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional characters), Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Indonesian, Malay, Farsi/Persian, Arabic, Khmer, Hindi, & Nepali.

Quickly and easily lookup a word or phrase in the Search section.
Save words and phrases to the Favorites section for later study.
Change user language and turn off the daily word notification in the Settings section.

🌍 Learn French for travel in France, work, school, fun, or to talk to your friends.
Reviewers have said this app helps them to communicate better with their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband.
🐰 The beautiful pictures and easy pace are great for mother and child to learn French together.

This is an offline French learning app.
Created by a team of language teachers, native speakers and mobile developers and is updated regularly to improve content and features.
Many free sets and games. Upgrade to the premium version to unlock all the content.

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Love Learning Languages
(“love ling-gwah”)

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