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Mission Alarm Clock App Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Mission Alarm Clock App Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) Alarmy calls itself the sector’s annoying alarm clock. This one has a unique premise. you put alarms and that they go off just like they generally do. but, Alarmy also makes you upload an photo of something in your own home. then you mustget off the bed, visit the identical spot, and take a picture of the identical thing to get the alarm to prevent. normally, once you’re off the bed, you’re up for the day so it’s the philosophy with this one. you can also make it ask you random […]

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Puffin Web Browser

It has an honest set of options additionally. that features theming, flash support, ad-block, concealed mode, and a few tertiary options like gesture controls. conjointly it options all of the same old stuff like bookmarks, multiple tabs, a personal browsing mode, and downloads. there’s conjointly add-on and extension support if you would likethat. The free version is useful. However, you’ll need to pay money for the professional version to urge an excessive amount of options.     Please Click Here to Download   Puffin Web Browser is a […]

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