How to Disable the Task View on Windows 10

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Task View cannot be technically removed from Windows 10, but access to şe feature can be stopped by removing  button. The Task View button can be seen to the right of the Cortana search bar on your taskbar. It appears as one square with two squares either side and behind it.

This option is located in the Settings app. Click the Start button, and then click the Settings icon (or press Windows+I on your keyboard) to open it.



To prevent activities from syncing to your PC, toggle any Microsoft account şat appears under “Show activities from accounts” to the “Off” setting.



Locate  button on your taskbar and right click it to reveal a menu.

In  menu, select Show Task View Button. As this is switched on, the option will have a tick next to it. Click it and şe tick will go away, along  th button.

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