Excel Learning Tricks & VBA & Formulas with Examples

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Microsoft Excel 2010 is an extremely powerful tool and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a programming language that offers you the ability to extend those packages. Once you’ve got discovered some VBA, it will become a lot less difficult to analyze a whole lot greater so the possibilities here are countless.

Excel Learning Tricks & VBA & Formulas with Examples

Curriculum :

01 – Excel VBA: Show the Developer tab to Excel

02 – Excel VBA: Export the words from the text with Example

03 – Excel VBA: Easy row tracker with selection with Example

04 – Excel VBA: Sort items by other column items with Example

05 – Excel VBA : Change the items with the other items with Example

06 – Excel VBA: Sort a list of column by character length with Example

07 – Excel VBA: Randomly fill the empty cells with Example

08 – Excel VBA: Delete items in column A by items in column B with Example

09 – Solve : Excel file running slow

10 – Excel VBA : Mix rows without breaking the alignment of the columns

11 – Excel VBA : Divide column into other column by lenght

12 – Excel VBA : Sort column by row’s color

13 – Excel VBA : Making self-detructing excel file

14 – Excel VBA : Gather excel cells

….. to be continued

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