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WordMix – Addictive Word Dice Game

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This app is listed in parlour game class of play store. WordMix game is associate degree addictive and fun anagram. If you wish to show new words to you and your childrenwhile not swing abundant effort and time into it, then transfer Word combine game and let your kids play with it. during this game, you may need to type as several words doable out of untidy letters. As your child produce and learn new words during this game, they’re going to additionally earn score as an award.


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WordMix is a fun and addictive word dice game. If you like crossword puzzles and anagrams, this is just the game for you!

Toss the dice and arrange the jumbled letters to form valid words, both horizontally and vertically. Try to use as many tiles as possible before the time runs out. You get points for the letters used only in correct words, for all unused letters you get minus points.

Challenge yourself, and see what words you can find in each game.

Form words horizontally and vertically just like in crossword puzzles! Simply move letters around by tapping on them. If you long tap on a group of letters you can move whole group.

Tap on the joker to select the letter you want it to stand for.

In WordMix Pro you are further allowed to swap some of your letters once per game.

Except for the jokers, each letter has a certain value. If a letter is part of two words it counts twice. Points for unused letters are subtracted at the end. For a word to count it must contain only green letters, so it must not cross with an incorrect word.

By default all correct words have to be connected to count, but there is an option to allow separate groups of words.



Available dictionaries:
Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese (experimental), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Maths (e.g. “5*2+4=7*2”).

You can easily add new words to any of the dictionaries, even during the game by long tapping on the word. You can also disable the dictionary completely.

In the word list you can find all the words you ever played. The local highscore list helps you keep track of your achievements. You can also upload and compare your scores with other players in the online ranking list.

Language-specific options:
Some languages support specific options, like accents and other diacritics. If enabled, words must be spelled with the correct accents to be valid. Letters that allow accents are marked with “…”. Tap on the letter to select the needed accent.

WordMix Pro:
WordMix is free of advertisement! Please upgrade to WordMix Pro to support the developers. Here is what you get extra:
•  3D graphics, sounds and animations
•  swap letters during the game
•  suggestions during game
•  more backgrounds

Have fun discovering just how much of a word wiz you are!


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