Lucidly: Dream Journal & Lucid Dreaming Helper

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Have you ever began dreaming and finished that you clearly had been in an incredibly dream? Have you ever managed to acquire control over your dream narrative? If your solution to those is “sure,” you’ve got difficult what is called lucid dreaming. Typically, as soon as we dream, we have a propensity to are not conscious that the dream isn’t always actual.


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Have you ever desired to govern your goals? Learn to fly, walk via partitions, research new capabilities, create your personal worlds… All this is viable in Lucid Dreams. Lucidly will help you get the experience of Lucid Dreaming and more!

Lucidly is an intelligent dream magazine with which you can examine your dreams with facts, get personalised advice, discover ways to input Lucid Dreams and realize more about their world.




• Personal advice based on your dream statistics to increase your lucidity, make you feel better, help to choose better techniques, etc.
• Statistics: analyse of your dreams based on information such as mood, tags, lucidity level, count of words in your dreams, sleep time and factors like nightmares, lucid dreaming and flying.
• Sleep Time Alarm: sound alarm that plays with selected interval. Use it when you sleep.
• Morning Reminder: silent notification to remind you to write down your dream when you wake up.
• Evening Reminder reminds you to read your morning dreams. Remember your dreams!
• Reality checks during the day. Great way to achieve lucid dreaming.
• Persistent notification to remind you always stay mindfulness.
• Easy search of your dreams in a dream journal.
• Wiki to learn more interesting information and definitions.
• Techniques that can help you achieve lucid dreams.
• Import/export all your data.
• Protect your dreams with passcode.




Sleep – just the only period of time when we are free. In a dream, we let our thoughts do what they want.
Bernard Werber



Protect your dreams with passcode.


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