Solve _ Default UTF-8 encoding for new text documents !

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This is espetially for Non-latin language documents.


Right Click desktop  > New > New text document. Create but don’t open.

File > Save different ___ UTF-8, save overright. Close the file

Rename it “TXTUTF-8.txt ”

Copy that file”TXTUTF-8.txt”  ine C: \ WINDOWS \ SHELLNEW

Start > Run ___ and go this line

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ .txt \ ShellNew

Right click > New > String Value and named “FileName”

FileName > type Value data : “TXTUTF-8.txt” > OK


If you don’t want to bother there settings. You can put this ready file Shellnew path. And download reg file and click and run. That’s all.

txt file that you will copy in Windows\Shellnex

reg file that you will run