DocSearch Search Filename and File Content

Android, Introduction, Product Review
DocSearch is a Fulltext Search application to search the filename and files contents on your mobile phone. (similar to Docfetchr or Google Desktop Search on windows) This application was designed to focus on searching file contents and filename. It doesn’t search phone numbers, contacts, apps, etc. So it is very simple and easy to use, and there is no other useless information in the searching results. It’s very helpful to someone who only concern about searching file on the phone.


When you first use DocSearch, it requires that you create indexes for the folders you want to search in. These indexes allow DocSearch to quickly look up files by keyword.

In order to create an index, click on the main menu on this application and select Document Folders->Add. Then choose a folder to be indexed. You have to wait until indexing the documents has been finished.

Enter one or more keywords to search for in the text field on the top and press the search icon on the right side of the text field. The search results will be displayed in the result pane.

Features :
*Support both filename and files content full-text searching.
*Support file extension searching. For example, you can use mp4, pdf, jpg etc. as keywords to search.
*Immediately view file contents on this app without other apps.
*Easily and quickly scroll to the matches of searching words in full-text mode.
*You can view all brief texts of matches in brief-text mode at a time.
* Support plain text (txt,text,java,php, etc.), Ms Office(docx,xlsx), pdf and ebook (epub) file format.
* We test the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Tibetan . And we believe it also works well on searching file of many other languages.