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Story Book In English Free Offline Reading – USA

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Stories by Gus on the Go is that the second installment of the critically acclaimed acquisition app series. In the app,youngsters will play their method through games and lessons supported dateless story tales like aster and also the Three Bears or The Three Little whereas learning a replacement language. With Stories, youngsters can begin learning Spanish vocabulary and developing basic Spanish synchronic linguistics skills victimization straightforward to grasp sentences.


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The storybook for kids with the audio app is simple to you. kids story books  in English has sixteen categories and each category have twelve stories. Each story has the play option to play the audio. You can read and listen with free reading apps for kids at the same time and improve your reading skills. You can listen to the audio only to enjoy the story with stories for kids with audio. You can read the story if you like in that way.

One of the best storybook app on google play for kids. Story Book In English For Kids With Offline Audio have really cool stories for kids. Kids can read and listen to in offline mode as well.

Moral Story:- Moral story category have twelve stories with great morals. The category teaches the kid good habits and wisdom on how to live a beautiful life. Kids will learn a lot along with reading skill improved.

Animal Story: Cool animal stories with suspense and funny mode. Some stories are so funny about animals which kids will like a lot and some stories are full of suspense to read till the end and find a beautiful ending with stories for kids with audio.


Comic Story: Comical stories are also full of fun like in the comical book we see a lot of suspense, thriller, and stories which teach us a lot with free reading apps for kids.

Classic Story: Some of the past time stories which kids need to read for wisdom and life experience. Storybook for kids with audio’s classic stories also have great morals for kids as well.

Fables Story: Some of the real-time short stories which help the kids to learn a lot of business related stuff. Kids story books in English with fables in all way to enjoy the suspense and fun of the story.

Birbal Story: One of Mughal time India’s most intelligent man Birbal who was the adviser of Mughal emperor Akbar. The wisdom of Birbal is famous all over the world and we bring that wisdom in story mode for kids to learn and enjoy the Birbal stories.

Features of App Include:-

* Kids story books in English
* Latest stories with all new cool stuff
* English kids stories audio
* Cool and clear text and easy to handle
* Storybook for kids with audio
* Storybook with more than 50 cool stories
* Five voices that read the stories
* Easy to read, listen and play for kids

How to play:-
Open the app and select any of the categories your kid like to listen. Read the title and find the story inside the title icon. Touch the play button and listen to the story along with the text. Touch the stop button to stop the audio of the story.

The app is designed for kids to improve the reading and listen to skills. We suggest teachers and parents to must try once because the stories for kids with the audio app is full of educational stuff. Please share it as much as you can in schools and with friends and family.

The Story Book In English For Kids With Offline Audio app has text to read and audio to listen.

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