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LuvLingua education apps teach you to speak and read through fun games, and a beginner & intermediate level course.
This French learning app is fun for ALL ages.
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Study essential words and phrases to build a strong foundation of French.
Gain confidence and level up your language ability with the beginner course.
200+ lessons that systematically teach and review new vocabulary, as well as help you build sentences and questions.
Designed for students to train and improve fundamental language skills & knowledge.
Recommended for anyone who wants to learn French, including kids, students, travellers, and business people.

Games and quizzes that support you to learn French by catering to different learning styles.
✅ Visual (Picture Quiz, Memory Game)
✅ Auditory (Listening Quiz)
✅ Read-Write (Writing /Multichoice Quiz, Word Guess)
✅ Kinesthetic (Animation Game)
🐇 LuvLingua promotes learning through games to remember new words in a FAST & FUN way.

Everyday conversation along with many core words and phrases sorted into helpful categories.
Phrasebook sets include: greetings, numbers, hobbies, accommodation, adjectives, animals, body, colors, clothing, countries, dates, days, directions, emergencies, food, religion, school, shopping, transportation, travel, verbs, weather and work.
Study a new set every day and practice it in the Games Section.
This phrasebook is convenient for travel.

Listen to high quality authentic audio of native speakers with clear pronunciation.
Test your listening and speaking ability.

All language is carefully translated by bilingual native speakers and NOT by computers/online translators.
Translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional characters), Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Indonesian, Malay, Farsi/Persian, Arabic, Khmer, Hindi, & Nepali.

Quickly and easily lookup a word or phrase in the Search section.
Save words and phrases to the Favorites section for later study.
Change user language and turn off the daily word notification in the Settings section.

🌍 Learn French for travel in France, work, school, fun, or to talk to your friends.
Reviewers have said this app helps them to communicate better with their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband.
🐰 The beautiful pictures and easy pace are great for mother and child to learn French together.

This is an offline French learning app.
Created by a team of language teachers, native speakers and mobile developers and is updated regularly to improve content and features.
Many free sets and games. Upgrade to the premium version to unlock all the content.

Bugs, feedback or support => luvlingua@gmail.com

Love Learning Languages
(“love ling-gwah”)

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VocaFlash: Words Flashcards

Vocabulary Builder by Special Algorithms

Memorizing words permanantly (especially in short terms) is a strategic process which requires susbtantial effort and a multiple study. This application indeed generates a strategy for you. All you should do is to use this amusing application which you compete with yourself.

You can add a scientific branch (in order to study by utilising test system) to this application in which the main objective is to improve the vocabulary.
This vocabulary builder application is designed to provide you the best scoring thanks to the system, reviewing your progress and practical lesson control.

Visit official website : http://vocapro.com/

best vocabulary application
vocabulary builder application best

Main features


The special scoring algorithm, thus you can focus on weak and fade
Allows all lessons archive to study
Lessons combined and manage the lessons completely
General success and the statistical results of the part of study
Single or multiple word adding
Add Mp3 and Vocalize in ~25 languages.
Speedy test mode option
Flashcard or True/False mode
Study specifily the new questions
Study specifily the weak questions
Study specifily the fade questions
Multiple chose Test
Editable Flashcard
No Advertisement (Premium)
Features of offline study (Premium)
In-App Purchase (Premium) $ 3,99



★ Most important features which make Vocapro

unique in comparisowith similars:


✓ Study specifily the new questions which you have not solved before

✓ Study distinctively on the words/questions which the user is poor.

✓ Study the the words/questions which are tended to forget.

✓ It will sorts the words which you are weak or fade thanks to the special scoring algorithm, thus you can focus on this words.

✓ You can both view your general success and the statistical results of the part you study.

✓ You can study your lessons

combined and manage your

lessons completely.

✓ Your private


• It has 2000 + English words with definition, synonyms and meaning in other languages (Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Franch, Indonesian, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, Tagalog, Turkish, Urdu, Bengali)
* Indeed, archive will be improved day by day, but you can design your own lessons. The key point of this app is to create lessons which are private for you.
• Different test type which evaluates vocabulary building degree in terms of memory, listening
• Evaluating the listening and writing separately with a special scoring algorithm (by timing the speed of the user)
• Study specifily the new questions which you have not solved before
• Study only one lesson or to study a few studies which the user chose together
• Memorize vocabulary with only flashcard mode or true-false mode
• Go on the study with different devices thanks to the database which is backed up in the server
• Feature of adding, changing, deleting questions one by one
• Add thousands of questions at the same time by using web site (txt formatted)
• Opportunity to solve the questions quickly by activate the speedy mode
• Vocalize the questions and/or replies synchronously thanks to the feature of reading in 25 languages (requires loading suitable Google TTS “Text-to-speech” )
• In the classical test section, it is both possible to study a language by using questions in the user’s native language and the foreign language.
• Very quick connection and database register.
• Study distinctively on the words/questions which the user is poor.
• Study the the words/questions which are tended to forget.
• Study offline (back up to the server is required online mode)

You can add multiple words with excel file.


Photoshop : Basic Tools Video Course – for Beginners

Photoshop tutorial for beginer…

Especially, If you haven’t knowledge about Photoshop, you are in the right place. As with almost any program, we first use the basic features and then we learn the detailed features. In a photo editor program full of gigantic features like PhotoShop, you should always start with simple and basic features. If you start with only high levelfeatures such as effects and brushes. It may be difficult to use for basic operations, and you don’t have to try to learn, and you can be deprived of the incredibly superior features of Photoshop.

Photoshop Learn  Öğren Nesne Taşıma Move Objects

For example, I used to work on simple cropping, cutting, copying, etc. with paint shop pro. I used Photoshop only for special effects and filtering features. Over time, I noticed that even in the simplest cutting and copying process, the difference in picture quality is very obvious.
The complex appearance doesn’t mislead you, the ease of use is incredible.So, even if it’s simple, I started doing all the image editing operations with Photoshop. After a while, you will see that your keyboard-hand is as active as your mouse-hand and it’s fast and practical to use.

Bewel Emboss Testure

In the photoshop video training series, I tried to show from the simplest operation such as opening a screen, how to click on the button and how long clicks should be done. I tried to do consecutive lessons like series movies.

I will try to add all the training titles I have planned. Although the main purpose is for beginners, I will also add educational videos on advanced use.

Thank you for watching.. You can always write your suggestions, requests and criticisms to me.

Curriculum :

01 Photoshop – Easily Create colored shapes

02 Photoshop – Easily Move objects

03 Photoshop – Easily Change color with effect

04 Photoshop – Easily Fix layer effect

05 Photoshop – Easily Merge objects

06 Photoshop – Easily Fit match corner

07 Photoshop – Easily Shadow effect

08 Photoshop – Easily Add a Frame to an Object

09 Photoshop – Easily Creating buttons

10 Photoshop – Easily Maker pen effect

11 Photoshop – Easily Move, rotate and scale resize the objects

12 Photoshop – Easily Warp, Distort, Perspective Objects

13 Photoshop – Easily Convert a Text to an Image layer

14 Photoshop – Easily Change Brightness and Contrast

15 Photoshop – Easily Crop image

16 Photoshop – Easily Trim Image

17 Photoshop – Easily Resize Image

18 Photoshop – Easily Change canvas size

19 Photoshop – Easily Cuttin out All tools

20 Photoshop – Easily Delete Object Magic Eraser

21 Photoshop – Easily Delete Object Smudge

22 Photoshop – Best Delete Tools Object Spot Healing Brush

23 Photoshop – Easily Delete Background Objects

24 Photoshop – Easily Eyedropper Copy Objects Color

25 Photoshop – Easily Snow Effect Very Easy

26 Photoshop – Easily Bewel Emboss Texture

27 Photoshop – Easily Color Overlay Effect

28 Photoshop – Easily Drop Shadow Effect

29 Photoshop – Easily Gradient Overlay Effect

30 Photoshop – Easily Inner Shadow Effect

…..to be continued

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a  . Thank you.